Are You Ready?

About the Book

Are You Ready to Choose How to Spend Each Day?

Are You Ready - 3D Book Cover - Anna Hill MooreAre You Ready? Choosing a Deeper Relationship with God is written by Anna Hill Moore as her first offering to the world of publishing. This little book is designed to lead the reader through some of the thoughts that Christians face as we journey through life. The life-changing presence of the God of the Universe, the privilege of walking in close communion with Him, and the option to make the choice of how to spend each day of our lives are opportunities to be pondered, not to be squandered.

In the early pages, the author poses the idea that a close relationship with God is a choice that we all make. By not cultivating our relationship with Him, we are essentially choosing to keep Him at arm’s length, to use Salvation as “fire insurance” only, and to decline the sanctification process of Christian growth and development. In essence, we are the losers in this scenario, because we miss out on the many good things that He has in store for us here on this earth.

As the book progresses, the author begins to address common concerns that we face as we make changes in our lives, particularly in our spiritual lives, such as resistance and conflict even with those who know us best and love us the most. Other barriers are addressed as well (e.g., pride, busyness, etc.), while the benefits of this deeper walk are explored (e.g., peace, freedom, connection).

Strategies and Recommendations for Success

Finally, strategies and recommendations for being successful in growing and maintaining  this relationship are reviewed and encouraged. The reader is again challenged to forge ahead into all that God has planned for her/him, for what could be better than abiding in the presence of the One who loves you unconditionally and more than you could ever imagine … on a daily basis?

Genre: Christian

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