Anne Hill Moore

About the Author

Who is Anna Hill Moore?

Anna Hill Moore - AuthorAnna Hill Moore is a wife, the mother of two beautiful daughters, and a follower of Jesus. Born and raised in the hill country of East Tennessee, she has always enjoyed the beauty of the world around her. As a small child, her mother taught her to appreciate the subtleties of nature while pointing her to the Creator.

Ann was the seventh of eight children born to her parents who raised the children in the Christian faith. The influence of many kind and loving adults in her life helped mold her into the person she has become.

Love of reading was cultivated in her family of origin and continues in her own family. As a consequence of reading of great books, Ann toyed with the idea of writing. What reader doesn’t wish they could write the next best seller? After years of thinking about writing, and a few indulgences in reading about writing, Ann finally took the plunge and wrote her first book.

Anna Hill Moore’s Love

Combine love of reading, a desire to write, and a love for Jesus into one heart and what do you get? Ann’s first book:  Are You Ready? Choosing a Deeper Relationship with God

Ann is a Nurse Practitioner in a busy cardiology office by day and a wife/mother/author by night. Besides reading and writing, Ann enjoys crafts, cooking, and exploring new places. She discovered a love for the people of Nicaragua on a recent mission trip to that country. Aside from the natural beauty of the country, the welcoming and gracious hearts of the Nicaraguan people left a permanent impression on her own heart.

Ann’s ultimate goal is to point others to Jesus, sharing the gospel in tangible ways, so that others may know the freedom available through Him. By His grace, she hopes to achieve that goal.