Trust In Who God Is

Today is another excursion on the Trust Train, exploring my favorite names of God. These are the names that mean the most to me because of my experience with Him. Bear with me while I meander a bit through the halls of my memories….

Today’s Key Verse

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the LORD our God.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭20:7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬Bible

This has been a key verse for me in regards to Trust. Days when I have doubted, days when I have struggled, days when I wondered if any of it was worth it….  God gave me this verse several years ago, and I have clung to it like a lifeline. I posted it around my house for a while. I just submerged myself in this truth. He still brings it to mind when I need it most. And I need it a lot.


It is a great reminder that no matter what I have going on, no matter the economic or political climate, no matter the state of my health or the health of my loved ones, no matter the balance in my checking account – God is to be TRUSTED above all.  When all else fails, God does not. When frustrations rise and I cannot see an end in sight, God is to be trusted.

That does not mean that I can just go about my life willy-nilly and expect Him to pull me out of any muck and mire I get myself into!

Yes, He will always be there for me and with me, but He will also let me reap what I sow. If I am walking with Him and in His path everyday, then I have nothing to fear. But if I decide I want my own path instead of following Him, then I may find myself in a heap of mess.

Even then, I will Trust Him.

But the best place to be is in the path He has marked for me. Let’s save that for another day and get back to my favorite names of God…

Jehovah Jireh: my Provider

This is one of my very favorite names of God! He is my Provider. Everything I have ever had is a gift from Him. In little or in much, He provides for my needs.

While He is my provider for all my needs, I automatically – and maybe you do to – think of the provision in an economic sense. I want to share a story of provision in which God made Himself real to me. And I have heard similar stories from other people.

When my oldest child was in middle school, she had some health issues that needed to be addressed. I felt God leading me to a particular activity that she could participate in and also enjoy: dance. If you have ever been a “dance mom” or dad, you know that this does not come cheap. Our finances were very tight. I could not see where I could fit this into our budget. There simply was nothing extra.

This was a tough decision: my daughter’s health was on the line here. I prayed about it, as I had prayed for guidance to the right physician. After prayer and consideration, I decided to take God at His word, His name. I simply said, “God, I know this it the direction we need to take and that You want me to take. I don’t have the funds. You will have to provide.” And I signed her up.

God became real to me as Jehovah Jireh in this circumstance of my life. Our income did not change. Our debt did not go away. Our lifestyle (which was not extravagant – it was really very nominal) did not change. BUT every month when the payment was due, there was money in the bank.

I have never been able to explain this EXCEPT that God provided for that need.

What? God provided for Dance Class? Yes … He did.

My daughter’s health improved and she went on to enjoy several years of dance including competition teams. It was only through His provision. He has been and continues to be my Jehoval Jireh.

Let’s stop there for today, and just think about this name of God.

Think about your own experiences and try to identify circumstances where you recognize Him at work in your life as your Jehovah Jireh.

Has He provided friendships? A place to live? Food on the table? A job? A parking place when you needed it most? I could tell a lot of stories about that little piece of my life … Parking places … God really has provided! I mean really! Who would have thought the God of the Universe would care about parking places? But I will spare you …

It is time for You to reflect and see where He has provided. After all, every thing we have is really His… Chew on that, and I will see you tomorrow.

Father, reveal to us all  your provision in our lives. And help us to live in trust in your name. Guide and direct our steps today. In Jesus’ name I ask this on behalf of the readers and myself today. May you be honored and glorified in all we do.