Exploring Trust: Day One

Welcome back to my own personal exploring trust journey! I am SO glad you are joining me this week! It is more fun to explore together… even on a virtual journey like this one. Oh it would be great to be in a group, sitting around drinking coffee or tea, chatting about our thoughts on and experiences with Trust. We can learn so much from each other’s experiences and points of view.

Some of my favorite times have been in the Monday Morning Connection group, a small group of women who met first at the church then at my home. This group of women came together to study the scripture and to enjoy fellowship. We challenged each other, supported each other, and grew together as friends and fellow laborers in the Kingdom.

We explored the scripture, starting out with the book of Matthew. We looked at the letters written in red, with the premise that if we are going to be Christ followers, our lives should be modeled after Him and His teaching. Together, we each grew in the depth of our personal relationships with God. We developed a sense of connection that is vital in the life of believers.

And I saw God provide amazing answers to prayer through that group of women. Our lives were in no way picture perfect… No one’s life is, as best I can tell. But we were there for each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Encouragers and Exhorters … maybe that should have been the name of our group  😉  … Yes there were days when we called each other out. That’s what friends do. Lovingly, of course.

We have not met in a nearly a year as our life circumstances did not allow it. Sadly, two of the women have gone on to be with the Lord in the past year. While the time for this group is past, the impact is eternal. This group added another dimension to my spiritual journey.

But let’s move ahead now … on down the tracks with the thought train… (choo-choo …)

Today’s Verse

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. Psalms 56:3 NKJV (go here)

So why did I start a Trust exploration with a verse about being afraid? That makes almost no sense… until you step back and realize that many of the challenges we face in our lives have a root of fear. While employed, we may have an underlying fear of job loss. Certainly this would impact our ability to provide for our families and pay the bills. When healthy, we may fear illness, which affects every part of our lives. We may fear loss of friends or family through broken relationships or death, or just distance. We may fear rejection… to name a few common fears.

What better place to start an exploration of Trust than by addressing it in relation to fear?

The psalmist David had every reason to be afraid. After becoming a hero in Israel, he spent years running for his life from the King. A decade, actually. He hid in the countryside in caves with his men, moving periodically from place to place, to avoid being killed. And he was not just hiding from Saul. He was hiding from the enemies of Israel who would have loved to see the hero dead. He was truly a hunted man. He lived in fear. But in his fear, he cried out to God. And in David’s trials, God proved himself faithful.

David was in touch with his emotions and his responses to his circumstances. He poured out those feelings in the book of Psalms. I love reading the Psalms because as he works through his issues, David comes back to remembering who God is. He focuses on God’s character and his faithfulness in times past. He know that he does not have to be afraid. And he CHOOSES not to fear.

Fear vs. Trust

Where would David have been if he had left the verse at fear? What if he just said “I will not be afraid” … where would he be?

Absence of fear does not imply trust, just as absence of disease does not imply health. Chew on that for a moment.

We may be unafraid for reasons other than trust in God. We may be unafraid because we are foolish, or arrogant, or prideful. We may be unafraid if we are under the influence of alcohol or other substances. This lack of fear is fleeting. Anything that disrupts the equilibrium of the state which leads us to be unafraid will result in fear.

Only Trust in God keeps fear at bay.

FEAR: An unpleasant often strong emotion caused by awareness or expectation of danger (Go here )

TRUST: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed. (See Sunday’s post)

David was able to mitigate his strong emotional reaction of Fear, to not only perceived but real dangers, by Trusting God.

We will have fear in the absence of trust, but trust can abound where there has been fear. We can learn, like David, to not be afraid. We can learn, like David, to Trust God.

Let’s explore how tomorrow…

For today, just thank God for his presence and his provision in your life.