Looking for God ?

Are you looking for God? Let’s start today’s post with a confession: Yes, I borrowed this photo from a friend’s page … it touched me! The picture and the words called out to me, drawing me into a thought stream that I am sharing with you…

So yes, I borrowed the picture from a friend’s Facebook page…

But these words … these words … from Jehovah Sabaoth … to you … to me…

Have you been looking for God? Have you?

Is something missing in your life?

Is there an emptiness you cannot explain?

Aahhhh… here is your answer, my friend.

If you look for Him, you will find Him … when you seek Him with how much of your heart? A tiny bit?

A moderate amount? 75%?

How about 95%? That’s a lot, right?

Yes, that’s a lot… but that is not what He said. He said ALL of your heart. 100%… fully… completely… totally. How many other synonyms can you think of for the word ALL?

Gosh, we just don’t want to do that most of the time!!!! Let’s just be honest! We have other things in our lives that we want to pursue! Other relationships. Other interests.

Come on now…. you know I am right!

So just HOW can we do this? How can we seek Him with all of our heart?

First of all, remember that He loves you… more than anyone else could ever love you. He is always there, always interested, always concerned. He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t abandon you. He doesn’t rebuff you. He doesn’t shame you. He doesn’t abuse you or ask you to abuse yourself. He doesn’t renege on His promises.

What He wants from you is a relationship. He wants you to get to know Him. And He wants to bless you as His child.

Who or what have you chased hard … only to find pain? Does that pain keep you from chasing after God? Do you fear He will hurt you too? He won’t… You see, He has perfect love for you. And according to the apostle John in the book of 1 John, “perfect love casts out fear.”

If you want to read about God’s love, read the book of 1 John… read it daily for a month. It’s short. It doesn’t take long. Read it in different versions. Ask God to reveal something new to you every day. And write it down.

Second, make Him a priority. You see, seeking God with all your heart does not mean that you abandon everything, stop your life, and go hide on top of a mountain to commune with Him the rest of your life. (However, a periodic retreat with Him was modeled by Jesus, thus is an excellent practice.)

God gave you the life you have. He intends for you to live it. He just wants to be part of it. He wants you to seek His direction so you can have the best life possible.

And just How do we make Him a Priority?

Spend time with Him. Daily.

Spend time in His word. Daily.

Spend time under a godly, biblical teacher.

Pray, speaking to God but Listening for His answer.

Be alert to How and When He speaks to you.

Then Act on what He says…

When in doubt, ask yourself that question that became so popular a few years ago: what would Jesus do?

Let me say one more thing. You can’t know what Jesus would do unless you read and study His life.

And on days when you realize that you aren’t seeking Him with all your heart? Just step back, take a breath, and move back to his side…He’s just waiting for you.

We are all walking our own paths home…

Blessings, today and every day…